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Preorder Availability Only Reserve Yours Today with a $30 Deposit


Make This Thanksgiving Truly Special with Our Farm Fresh Turkey From SPPS and Percy Thomson Meadows!


As the holiday season approaches, there's nothing quite like the taste of a succulent, farm-fresh turkey to create the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving feast. This year Steadfast Farms and Percy Thomson Meadows are partnering to make that special family time even better. We take pride in offering you the finest, hand-raised turkeys that will elevate your Thanksgiving celebration to new heights.


Why Choose Our Farm Fresh Turkeys?

  • Two Farms are better than one! 

    • Percy Thomson Meadows is a 5th Generation Family Farm in Bethlehem, CT

    • Steadfast Farms Poultry Processing and Slaughter is  Veteran Owned and  CT's only USDA FSIS Poultry Slaughter Facility

    • Together your Turkey never leaves Bethlehem until you take it home!


  • Unmatched Freshness: Our turkeys are raised with care on a local farm, ensuring that you receive a turkey that's as fresh as it gets. We believe in quality over quantity, and this commitment is evident in every bite.


  • Healthy and Natural: Our turkeys are raised in a healthy and natural environment. They enjoy fresh air, wide-open spaces, and a diet free from artificial additives, antibiotics, and hormones, ensuring you get a turkey that's not only delicious but also better for your family.


  • Unparalleled Flavor: Our farm-fresh turkeys boast a rich, flavorful taste that's unlike anything you'll find at a supermarket. They're expertly raised and processed to bring you a bird with tender, juicy meat, and a savory, robust flavor.


  • Local and Sustainable: By choosing our farm fresh turkeys, you support local farmers and sustainable agriculture. Your purchase not only delivers a delicious turkey to your table but also strengthens our community.


Preorder Yours Today with a $30 Deposit

To secure your farm-fresh Thanksgiving turkey, we offer an exclusive preorder opportunity. With a deposit of $30, you'll reserve your turkey, guaranteeing that your holiday feast will be a memorable one. This preorder system ensures you peace of mind, knowing you have the star of your Thanksgiving dinner secured well in advance. 


The earlier you Pre-Order the more you save!


Early Pre-Order March - June 30th,

Pre-Order $30 Turkey Cost is $7.50 / lb.


Late Pre-Order July - October 31st, 

Pre-Order $60 Turkey Cost is $8.50 / lb.


Don't miss this opportunity to savor the freshest, most delicious turkey your family has ever enjoyed. Make your Thanksgiving unforgettable with a farm-fresh turkey from us. Order now and give your loved ones a Thanksgiving to remember!

Turkey Pre-Orders

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This $30 is not the cost of your turkey.

    The $30 deposit secures you a turkey for pickup Nov 17-23rd.


    Balance is due at pick up and 

    The earlier you Pre-Order the more you save!

    Early Pre-Order March - June 30th,

    Pre-Order $30 Turkey Cost is $7.50 / lb.


    Late Pre-Order July - October 31st,

    Pre-Order $60 Turkey Cost is $8.50 / lb.

  • We raise a variety of different-sized turkeys:

    These are rages and do not guarantee you will get any particular size. Just your preference on size.


    10 lbs. - 15 lbs.

    15 lbs. - 22 lbs.

    22+ lbs.


    Regardless of the final weight, the total will be $7.50/lb. or $8.50/lb. depending on order time.

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