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Steadfast Farms

Poultry Processing & Slaughter

Our Farm

Birds You Can Feast On


Owner/Operator Jared McCool

The secret is out! Our game birds are becoming acknowledged for their remarkable and legendary
size and taste. Our game birds are born, raised, and processed on our farm in Bethlehem,


We understand the importance of quality and health and can ensure this is consistent at every step, from egg to plate, and our customers know exactly where their food is coming from. Whether your restaurant or family dinner table is looking for a new exceptional protein for a
traditional dish or a superior centerpiece for a creative special entrée on your menu, our game
birds are the preferable option which is why we say they are Birds You Can Feast On.

Our quail, chukar partridge, and pheasant, provide versatility in flavor and size to achieve the taste and plate presentation that will satisfy your guest’s vision, taste buds, and appetites.


Our Story

Local Family Farm


From Left to Right CT's RC&D Amanda Fargo-Johnson, CT's RC&D Sarah Layton, Owner/Operator SPPS Jared McCool, Director of Operation SPPS Aaron McCool 

Steadfast Farms Poultry Processing & Slaughter is a first-generation farm that is the epitome of grass-roots, more accurately a fertilized egg in our case.


If you ever wondered what came first, the chicken or the egg, we would tell you, that chicken is not the only thing that comes from an egg.


The question could also be what came first the
quail or the egg!


In our case, the egg came first, and we have spent years developing our products and services for you in our incubation cycle. Now that we hatched strong and are hungry, we are growing even more to bring our customers a complete end-to-end experience that starts on our farm and ends on your plate with no detours.

We maintain our breeding stocks of Quail, Chukar Partridge, and Pheasant. All our birds are grown from egg to maturity on our farm, and processed on our farm under USDA Inspection.


We know how important it is to know where your food comes from and that humane and quality treatment during the process should never be substituted for volume and profits.

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We're Hiring! 

Current Positions

Farm Hands

Work on a fast-paced production line at Connecticut's ONLY USDA Inspected Poultry Slaughter facility!


No experience is required and training will be provided.  

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