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Important Notes about Avian Influenza: Please Read!

All bird owners, whether commercial producers or small flock enthusiasts, should practice good biosecurity, prevent contact between their birds and wild birds, and report sick birds or unusual bird deaths to State or Federal animal health officials. If your birds are sick or dying, it is urgent that you call your local veterinarian, agricultural extension agent, USDA Veterinary Services district office, or State Animal Health Official.

Avian influenza (AI) is a disease caused by an influenza type A virus that can infect poultry, such as chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, domestic ducks, geese, guinea fowl, and wild birds, especially waterfowl. There are two types of AI:

  • Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus strains are extremely infectious, often fatal to domestic poultry, and can spread rapidly from flock to flock.

  • Low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) virus strains occur naturally in wild migratory waterfowl and shorebirds without causing illness. LPAI can infect domestic poultry, with little or no signs of illness.

Birds affected with either form of AI may show one or more of the following clinical signs:

  • Sudden death without previous symptom

  • Lack of energy and appetite

  • Decreased egg production

  • Soft-shelled or misshapen eggs

  • Swelling of the head, eyelids, comb, and wattles

  • Purple discoloration of the wattles, combs, and legs

  • Nasal discharge

  • Coughing and sneezing

  • Lack of coordination

  • Diarrhea

USDA Articles and Help Files

If you notice any of these symptoms in your flock before your slaughter date, we ask that you DO NOT bring your birds to Steadfast Farms. Please report sick birds or unusual bird deaths to one or all of the following:

  • Connecticut Department of Agriculture at 860-713-2500 or Toll-Free: at 800-861-9939.

  • Connecticut State Veterinarian’s Office, The Animal Health Division at (860) 713-2505.

  • USDA’s Toll-Free number at 1-866-536-7593.

Transporting any birds with these symptoms would be devastating to our own operation and the many producers that come into contact with our facility. Your flock will be checked upon arrival by both the Director of Operations and the USDA inspector. If there are any signs of illness related to Avian Influenza your birds will be rejected. Steadfast Farms Poultry Processing & Slaughter LLC will be focused on maintaining biosecurity and taking any necessary precautions to avoid contracting or spreading this devastating disease and it is our hope that you do as well.

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